Do you know how to hide whatsapp group permanently?

Hide Whatsapp Group Permanently

In this fast-paced world, the messenger service Whatsapp, which is the most used texting service in the world right now, has managed to fill almost every niche one could think of. Even by entering the business segment, it can now be used by businesses to reach out to people that are added in the contacts. It has made the meaning of business easier with a very high percentage and the probability of a customer or a person having a Whatsapp account and using the service. But another pressing issue faced by a lot is a large number of groups.

Hide whatsapp group permanently

Whatsapp groups are aplenty, one that may consist of your family members, your friends, your colleagues from work and so on. This does mean constant buzzing and vibrating of your phone with lots of text messages. This seems annoying to a lot of users, and despite a lot of those users or software testers requesting the folks at Whatsapp to add a feature that enables hiding a group permanently, the giants have failed to roll out such a feature. Now the people are left to their own fates with a necessary feature untouched.

So how would one be able to hide a Whatsapp group permanently? Well, as mentioned above, there ain’t no solid, long term solution for the problem, but what can be done are a few basic things. The easiest way to tackle this would be muting the group’s notifications for a certain period of time. As this might not stop the notifications of the group being visible to you, what that will do is stop the sound or vibrate alerts from disturbing you, and the notifications will also not be visible on your lock screen.

While this might not be a permanent solution, it could save you from being bothered by the constant texts or updates from the members of the Whatsapp group. The feature to hide a Whatsapp group is no doubt, a much-needed one today as a lot many users do would want the group to just disappear without the members of the group ever knowing. Also, there might be some privacy issues associated with the same too, which is another reason why a lot of users all over the globe are constantly talking about getting this feature.

Archiving your chats is another solution, temporary, but somewhat effective. When you archive a chat, it gets hidden in the “Archived chats” section for a brief period, as a Whatsapp group is more likely to get constant updates when compared to a personal chat, that is when it will jump out of the archive section and appear on the top of your chat list, as it would normally either way. So if your Whatsapp group is somewhat inactive, then you’re in luck. His would be the ideal and perfect solution for you right now unless obviously Whatsapp itself realizes the importance of the feature and adds it to the service.

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