How to download whatsapp status in Android phone?

Download Whatsapp Status Saver App –  Watools

Today, WhatsApp has been one of the best and safe mediums to have communication with everybody and it has overtaken the traditional text messages. And, if you use Whatsapp, you probably know that you’ve only 24-hours to see the Whatsapp status and after that’ll disappear. And, if you use Whatsapp, you possibly know that you’ve only 24-hours to see the Whatsapp status and after that, it will disappear. It’s so painful, isn’t it? But not further! Here the solution comes with an amazing application for Android that helps you save Whatsapp status and you’ll not lose any status you require ever again. As well as, this app also allows you to send direct messages even without saving the number. The app is known as Status Saver for WhatsApp – WATools.

Download Whatsapp Status Saver App

Thus, let’s have a glance at this app.

Watools – Whatsapp Status Saver App

The major two problems of using Whatsapp, the status erase and lack of sending a direct message is no more. Simply install this app on your Android device and forget about these two unpleasant problems.

Save Whatsapp Status and Share

By default, Whatsapp keeps a status for only 24-hours to see. As a result, occasionally you can lose status updates from friends and family that’s your biggest grief. But, from right now there are no more grief’s. Because via this Status Saver app you can save Whatsapp status for reading later. No matter whatever the status type, a video or an image or simply a few texts, everything you can save easily with a few clicks.

Send Direct Whatsapp Message even Without Saving Number

The traditional messaging has a function where you don’t require to save numbers to send a message to somebody. However, in Whatsapp, you’ll not get this feature by default, if you wish to send a message, you have to save the number initially. But, this Wahtsapp tool app lets you to send messages directly without saving numbers.

To contact through a message to the unfamiliar without saving the number, this WhatsApp Tool offers instant-messaging feature without increasing contact in your Whatsapp contact list to whom you simply want to share a couple of messages. And, in this process, your privacy will not be lost and you’ll not have unessential persons in your WhatsApp contact list.

Now the most important part………

How to download whatsapp status in Android phone?

The process of using this fantastic Whatsapp tool is so simple. Follow the mentioned below steps to easily download WhatsApp status in Android phone:

  1. Just check the selected status and story.
  2. Now open status saver.
  3. Click on any image or video to see.
  4. Tap the save button to save.

Wrap Up:

Download this remarkable Whatsapp tool app for Android and enjoy sending direct messages to anybody without saving numbers and save any status you wish to read later.

If you have any doubts and query, please don’t hesitate to ask us at the comment section mentioned below. We would be glad to hear from you.

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