How to forward Whatsapp status with others

Social media.

Hardly anyone on the planet can truthfully claim to not know of them.

And one of these numerous apps which are immensely popular is WhatsApp.

In the vast social media app race, WhatsApp has proven itself as one the best.

WhatsApp has enabled us to communicate around the world with anyone ( the only requirement – their number). WhatsApp also has few other exciting (now regular for us) features like group chatting, video calling, conference voice, and video calling, etc.

But the feature which I am going to discuss today and going to share some more ways to make full advantage of that feature is WHATSAPP STATUS and How you can forward WhatsApp status with your friends. 

You must be familiar with this feature and also know that with the help of this feature, you can let your all friend see different posts and can see your friends’ posts as well. But a considerable disadvantage of this feature is that those posts stay for only 24 hours, you cannot download or share any post even if you like them.

I am going to introduce you to an App that provides a complete solution to this problem (drumroll).

WATOOLS, this app helps you Save WhatsApp status, Share WhatsApp status, and in addition to these features, this app also enables you to send WhatsApp message directly without the need of saving the number.


Now I will discuss all the necessary steps that you need to take after you install this app on your mobile.

WaTools App Download Link:


How to Save WhatsApp Status

  1. After you install the app, open the app, and then you can see the various options.
  2. Click on STATUS SAVER option from the given option.

After you click on status saver option, all the statuses of your friends, relatives, etc. will be displayed on the screen.

  1. For saving videos, you have to click on the video, the option for which is present at the rightmost corner of the screen.
  2. Below every status (picture or video), there will be three options, the third option is for saving the status.
  3. To save the post, click on the third option.

**To save the post in your gallery, the app will ask for permission to connect with your gallery (only for the first time).

Screenshots :

how to save whatsapp status     how to save whatsapp status     how to save whatsapp status    how to save whatsapp status

Share WhatsApp Status 

If you want to share WhatsApp status with your friends and don’t want to download it, then follow these steps

  1. Follow the first and second steps as is mentioned in ‘SAVE WHATSAPP STATUS.’
  2. Now to share WhatsApp status instead of clicking save option (third option) click on the share option (first option).

Then a dialogue box will open, you need to select the mode of sharing the status like Facebook, WhatsApp, E-Mail etc.

  1. Select the method of sharing the status and share it.

how to save whatsapp status    how to save whatsapp status    how to save whatsapp status


Simple, isn’t it.

So go on now. Install this app and live a life with no regrets ( and see your friends post after 24 hours 🙂

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