How To Hide WhatsApp Group Chat Without Leaving It?

Hide WhatsApp Group Chat

With the extensive use of the messenger app, Whatsapp, more and more users are facing a problem, or more like a dilemma of being a part of way too many groups on the app. This might be useful for being a part of a diverse range of groups, but most of the times, it is annoying.

A lot of users complain about the constant notifications from members of these various groups constantly buzzing on their phone screens and diverting their attention. By being a part of a lot of many groups, it also becomes hard to keep tabs about the various updates, if any important ones are posted or suggested on any group.

Hide WhatsApp Group Chat

While a feature of totally isolating or hiding the desired groups on WhatsApp would have been ideal, the messenger service doesn’t exactly have the feature built into it. Also, it is possible to hide a particular group chat without actually leaving the group and then exiting it. It doesn’t sort of an official setting available though, but with a few simple steps, it can be done.

It is to everyone’s knowledge that Whatsapp chats, also group chats are encrypted on an end to end level, which implies, the conversation can, or rather, is supposed to be read-only by the users/people at either end, not by a third person or an intruder. This, in turn, does not offer the guarantee the safety of your chats as you may have left your phone unlocked for a while, long enough for a stranger to peep into your phone and read your text’s.

It won’t come across as a surprise to know that there are a lot of other ways of hiding your Whatsapp chats or the Whatsapp group chats, the groups of which you would be a member of. It can be done by apps on the app stores to lock chats or groups, but if there are concerns regarding letting a third-party app control your Whatsapp or just being too lazy to set things up, there is an alternative feature that could work the cause.

The archive feature that is available on Whatsapp, both on Android and ios devices would be a perfect solution on a temporary basis. It would work perfectly if there aren’t constant notifications or updates from members of a group.

Once you archive a group chat, it is hid in the ‘Archived chats’ section, which can be accessed at the end of the chats list. A group chat can stay there for as long as there is absolutely no new text message on the group. It can also be used on personal chats as well, where it usually works the best, but for the time being, it is perfect in case of groups.

While this might not be a permanent solution, which right now is only muting the chats so that the notifications do not appear on the lock screen. This can at least avoid someone from peeking into your phones from your lock screen, and still give you a level of privacy that can assure the safety of your chats.

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