Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 2019 | Download latest quotes and images on Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 2019 | Download latest quotes and images on Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 

Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 

Karwa Chauth 2019: Women fast during Karwa Chauth and don’t even drink a glass of water post sunrise. It is only when the moon is seen in the evening ,they break their fast. Download and share Karwa Chauth Whatsapp status for posting on social media .

Importance and history behind Karva Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a tradition according to which married women or those who are of marriageable age pray for the security and long life of their husbands, fiances or chosen husbands. In states such as Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana this practice is observed religiously. This year Karwa Chauth falls on Thursday, 17 October.

Women fast during this day and don’t even drink a glass of water post sunrise. When the moon is spotted in the evening, then only they break their fast. When this takes place, the husbands are supposed to feed the initial morsel of food to their wives. The women spot the moon through a kitchen sieve known as chalni.

Karwa Chauth dates back to the time of Mahabharata when Savitri had begged Lord Yamaraj( the god of death )  for her husband’s soul. According to another myth, when Arjuna had gone to the Nilgiris for meditation, Draupadi got anxious since she didn’t know where he had lost and requested Lord Krishna’s help. He advised her to fast for the security of Arjuna. Draupadi did so, and Arjuna came back in time.

karwa Chauth Quotes whatsapp status :

Karwa Chauth occurs on the fourth day of the Hindu luni-solar calendar. ‘Karwa’ means earthen pots used to keep wheat and ‘chauth’ means the fourth day. Woman purchase new earthen pots some days before the festival, and the pot is decorated with beautiful designs and put new sweets and bangles inside them. Then they visit other woman and change their karvas.

2.. ) Sabhi Married Bhaiyo ko yeh suchit Kiya jata hai,ki Karwa Chauth ke din Savdhani aur Dhiraj Se kaam le,Becoz Bhuki Sherni Jyada Khatarnaak Hoti hai…Happy Karva Chauth.

3.. ) होठों की हँसी को ना समझ हक़ीक़त-ए-जिंदगी,दिल में उतर के देख हम कितने उदास है..

Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 

4.. ) As you worship the Moon God and pray for the long life of your husband,May you be blessed with all that you heart craves and desires for,Happy Karwa Chauth!

5.. ) Pray, The Sindoor Adorns The Forehead Of Every Woman. Let God Bless You For A Long And A Happy Married Life. Happy Karwa Chauth!

Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 

6.. ) I never wanted the stars,Never shot for the moon,I like them right where they are All I wanted was You !Happy Karwa Chauth.

7.. ) I wanted the stars never shot for the moon I like them right where they are all I wanted was You ! Happy Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 

8.. ) On This Blessed Night,May The Jingling Of Churis, Fill Your Life With Good Luck, The Twinkling Of Payal, Announce Your Love For Him, HAPPY KARWA CHAUTH…!!

9.. ) You r my first Love and I’m willing to take Chance, until life is through, I’ll still Be loving you. I’ll b true 2 u,Just a promise from u’ll do,,,,Happy Karwa Choth.

10.. ) Bina khaaye piye vrat karna Prem ki atoot paribhasha hai Hum yun hi prem bandhan mein bandhe rahe Mere dil ki bas yahi aasha hai.Happy Karwa Chauth.

11.. ) It’s time for renewal of Life Insurance of Indian Husbands……Karva Chauth is round the corner!

12.. ) Aaye To Sang Laye Khushiyan Hazar,Har Sal Manain Hum Yeh Tuohar,Bhar De Hamara Daaman Jewelry Ke Sath,De Jaye Umren Hazaar Baar Baar!Happy Karwa Chauth..!!

13.. ) On This Karwa Chauth, Sending My Heartfelt Wishes You Way. May All Your Prayers For Your Husband’S Well Being, Be Answered Today And Always. Happy Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 

14.. ) Karwa Chauth Special,Congratulations to all men for renewal of their annual life insurance! Karva Chauth Status

15.. ) A study reveals that if women keep “Maun Vrat” instead of Karwa Chauth Vrat, men surely will have a long life!Happy Karwa Chauth!

16.. ) छोटे छोटे कदम मीलों का सफर तय कर सकते हैं। छोटी छोटी बातें भी किसी के जीवन के दुखों को खुशियों में बदल सकती हैं। Karva Chauth Status


According to tradition, the mother-in-law gifts a thali called sargi for the daughter-in-law, consist of eatables such as sweets, dry fruits, coconut and gifts like saris.

There is a scientific logic why the sargi thali has these items in it. Sweets are considered good to begin the day with and fruits have high water content which keeps the women hydrated during their period of fasting. Fruits furthermore help in keeping them full for a longer period of time.

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After Sargi comes Baya, a gift given by the mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law to celebrate this special occasion, and the importance it holds in their lives.

Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 




Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 


Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 



Karwa Chauth Whatsapp Status 

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