What is Whatsapp Web and How to Use it?

WhatsApp is possibly the number one messaging service for smartphones. You can do messages, voice messages, calls and even video calls without any difficulty with this popular mobile app. It is accessible for not only Android, iOS and Windows phone but even for the Blackberry and the Nokia S60!

It’s safe to say that WhatsApp has revolutionized the conversations we have using our phones and many messengers tried and still try to reach the glory and popularity of WhatsApp.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can use WhatsApp from your computer and what else there is to know about the web application of the messenger!

What you require:

Your phone with WhatsApp installed.

Good Internet Connection.

A browser i.e. only Google chrome.

How to use WhatsApp Web?

If you wish to send long texts, you may opt to type them on a keyboard rather than your phone’s touch screen. Or maybe you wish to send some photos and pictures you have on your computer and transferring them to your phone is an unessential step.

WhatsApp Web makes all of this feasible – and we will help you through setting up the WhatsApp Web app on your computer.

1) Visit web.whatsapp.com

Initially, visit the Url https://web.whatsapp.com, here you will find the web app for WhatsApp. The screen will appear somewhat like the one mentioned below.

Whatsapp QR Code

This is the window where your WhatsApp messenger will come in to view. However, before you can begin typing, you have to connect your phone with the page. For this, you are offered a QR Code.

2) Open WhatsApp On Your Phone

Depending on your phone, you can access the web app by several methods. They are all described on the web.whatsapp.com page as well, underneath the QR code.

For our tutorial, we are using an Android phone, thus have a look at it.

If you are using  WhatsApp Web for the initial time, a scanner will emerge with which you can scan the QR code on your computer screen. If you have used WhatsApp Web earlier and on different computers, you will be able to select a previous connection.

Whatsapp Web Scan

3) Begin Writing

Your computer must now be connected to WhatsApp by your phone. Your most recent chats will show up on the left and once you clicked on one, the conversation will open on the right.

The web application is able to do similar things as the mobile app as well. You can:

  • Choose messages
  • Star them
  • Forward them
  • See contact info
  • Manage group chats
  • Send images, videos and other files
  • Download images
  • Mute chats
  • Begin a new chat
  • Search

And so on.

Limitations of WhatsApp Web

A few WhatsApp features accessible on your mobile device are not present on your computer. For instance, you don’t have the alternative to invite people from your address book to join WhatsApp. You furthermore can’t share your location or a map.

Also, you can have either WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop open at any given time, but having both open automatically shuts down the program not presently in use.

That’s all that you should know about WhatsApp Web QR Code.

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