Top Best WhatsApp Chat Locker 2019

Whatsapp has gone from being a trial free messenger to merging with Facebook and becoming the world’s most widely used messenger service of all time. It really is a huge thing for the folks over there. With about 2 billion downloads and counting, it sure has almost half of the people in the world using this free messaging service. It also has seen a lot of updates during its lifetime, with the ability to send image, video or any other kind of file or document to the desired contacts with just a few taps in seconds, which truly is a modern-day miracle and convenience.

Top Best Whatsapp Chat Locker 2019

What the users are talking about right now is to have been able to lock certain chats on their Whatsapp. It is indeed something to ponder upon as a lot of users might need to lock chats with certain contacts or groups, reasons which would be personal, related to privacy or sue confidential, pressing matters. As Whatsapp does not provide its own chat locking feature, there are a number of third-party apps which can get this job done, allowing the users to lock the chats that they desire. Here are some of the most popular top best Whatsapp chat lockers:

1. Locker for Whats Chat App – Secure Private Chat

With over half a million downloads on google play alone, this is one of the top best Whatsapp chat locker out there. This app is capable for locking not just the chats, but the whole app as well. It’s got a clean interface which isn’t too cluttered, it’s functional and easy to the eyes. Personal or group chats can be secured using a pin, which can be used to lock certain chats and also to open the app. All in all, it is a great choice if you’re looking for a chat locker.

2. Lock for Apps (WhatsLock)

This app doubles up as a lock app on your device, that may be WhatsApp messenger, your basic messaging app, your gallery, or even your contact book.WhatsLock has added another useful feature into its software, which can prevent a bystander from peeping or snooping onto your screen, which just is truly genius and adds it to the list of top best Whatsapp chat locker. This, in turn, also helps in stopping people from finding media files on your device. WhatsLock will also hide the Whatsapp chats with a cover on them. Additionally, it works to hide any messages or photos that might be visible to an onlooker, if the case, can lock your phone screen.

3. Messenger and Chat Lock

With over a staggering 5 million and upwards figure in terms pf download, it is clearly evident that the app is a wildly popular one, making it eligible as the top best Whatsapp chat locker. Messenger and Chat Lock will enable you to protect your frequent messaging and chat applications. WhatsApp, Facebook and many more messenger apps are included in the list. By using a PIN, your privacy is protected and chats secured. It can also be configured to hide images and videos from the device gallery by just entering your password. Also, if a wrong pin is entered, the app will take a picture of the intruder and save it inside the application, which is a really cool feature by today’s standards.

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